I Just Got Engaged What Do I Do First?

Struggling to begin the planning process? Don’t know what you want exactly? In this episode we share tips to narrow down what you want, and how to get it, and make a budget that works. Mary Baird-Wilcock from the Simplifiers Podcast is our expert guest, making things simple!  Where to begin , and how to make it amazing!



The Simplifiers Podcast

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  • Open Communication is everything
  • talk about your vision for the wedding
  • Top 5 things you want and do not want
  • Get to know your professionals
  • You dont need an event planner if you select the right professionals vendors
  • Party planners need to be of assistance  to the bride NOT IN THE WAY and causing more stress
  • make sure your event planner is certified and trained !

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The Simplifiers Podcast 

Jrod Productions www.jrodproductionsmusic.com 914-329-5206

The Clean Team 732-267-7334