Storms Almost Blew the Wedding Away

A storm came in on the morning of the wedding blowing the tents to pieces. The family pulled together to save the day. Baseball theme wedding complete with plenty of DIY projects that made the day incredibly amazing. Special Guest Nichole Gibson.  Also on this show Amazing lesson zone. How to start a budget for the wedding and stay on track.



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  • Baseball rivalry incorporated into the wedding added to the personal feeling
  • Guest Signature Louisville Slugger
  • Sunflower seeds, baseball quotes, yard games, Large Screens to watch the game
  • Popcorn Bar
  • There was no weather plan B, a storm came in the night before and blew all the tents away.

Music Credit

Theme song Play in the Sun 

So Unforgettable April Kelly Jon Ciorciari

    Images From The Wedding of Nichole and Ross