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Heartwarming, funny and romantic stories about weddings - How the couple met, what the proposal was like, all good, bad, beautiful and juicy details about the weddings are heard each week. Brides and grooms, young and old along with wedding professionals share personal stories of their most amazing successes as well as some outrageous nightmares. Listen to wedding guru April Kelly for inspiring love filled stories, creative trends and money saving ideas to make your own event amazing.



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Join the private access, limited enrollment VIP mentor membership with April for a detailed private experience. Already started planning? And not sure if you have it all covered?  This will help you be confident you have everything ready as well as show you new trends you might not know about! 

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I hope that you enjoy all the information here on this web site and the facebook group page.   I love to help and be a part of making sure you have an amazing day.   All of the information here and on the facebook group is free.  I do offer private paid VIP memberships to a limited number of brides at a time. This is for Brides that want  one on one access to me to strategize and perfect your day.   (Once the membership cap is reached the door is closed till the next bride is married).

Join me for the webinars that I know will help you create and organize your perfect day.  I am here to help, and see you have the most amazing wedding you can imagine.  

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